Is your School
Cyber Secure?

Schools are one of the most targeted organisations for cyber criminals due to the inherent vulnerabilities in their security defences, and the value of the personal data they possess. The increase in remote learning activities opens schools up to significantly higher risk of attack, with broader sections of the community accessing school systems, and IT infrastructures needing to control threats outside of the traditionally safe perimeter of a school network.

  • Up 29% in 2021, Australia’s education sector has the 4th highest number of reported weekly breaches
  • Schools have a disproportionately higher % of users fall for phishing and social engineering scams than other industries
  • Schools rank last of 17 major industries in cyber security preparedness

It is critical that all employees, students, and parents who access your school’s technology systems should have sufficient training and be able to identify potential security risks and know what action to take in the event of a security breach.

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Who are our Solutions for?

Our customisable solutions cater to anyone
in your school community



Teachers and Staff

IT Staff


Executive Team

How can Cyber Pathways help

Our comprehensive courses
are meticulously crafted to
help you with:

  • Increased Security
  • Prepare students with skills
    of the future
  • Create security culture in
    school community
  • Government incentives

While protecting your school against the devastating consequences of cyber crime:

  • Personal Information Breaches
  • Damage to reputation & trust
  • Failure to provide student safety
  • Disruption of academic operations
  • Financial loss

Our solutions

Cyber Pathways can tailor a training program for your school community across
our different training options, working with all groups (Teachers, Students, Parents, P&Cs and so on)
to strengthen your school’s cyber defence capabilities

CyberRisk Audit

Identify weaknesses in your school or business security posture, and develop customised training plans to strengthen your Cyber Security defenses.
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Cyber Essentials

A Self-paced, online cyber security short course designed to raise your cyber awareness, provide a strong understanding of prevalent cyber threats and easy-to-implement best practices.
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Accredited courses

Develop your technical skills to identify and protect organisations against cyber security threats and launch your cyber in cyber security. This qualification is a pathway to entering the job market.
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Cyberbit Range

The market leading, cloud-based Cyber Range training platform designed to equip students with the ability to the handle cyber threats that face all contemporary businesses.
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Why Cyber Pathways?

Leading, best-practice content

You learn how to protect yourself using

top-quality content written by leading 

cyber-security experts

On-demand platforms

You have unlimited access and can 

study at your own pace, at a time 

convenient for you

Customisable delivery

Organisations and institutions can add 

in context specific content, processes/

policies, video messages, etc

Adaptive learning platform

You can use diagnostic assessment to

identify and fill gaps in learning, keeping 

you more secure

Live threat simulations

You enhance your cyber defence skills 

in our live-fire cyber range environment


Make sure your IMS is aligned with and
compliant to ISO 27001, essential 8 and 

critical infrastructure legislation.

Key school partnerships

Some of the key school brands whose cyber security we are helping to protect

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