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In the last financial year, a new cyber attack was reported every 8 minutes, with an eye-watering $33 billion in tallied losses for the same period. Amidst this surge, organisations are grappling with a critical challenge – the scarcity of cybersecurity experts with practical, hands-on experience.

CyberPathways Cyber Range enables you to build critical skills tailored to your business needs, improve confidence, decrease response times to drive dramatic improvements in cyber security performance

Help your SOC team be ready to face whatever comes their way.

Training for all Experience levels

Cyber Labs

Develop custom learning pathways for specific Cyber Security skills for your teams. Modules include a combination of Learning Units, Practice Labs, Simulations and Assessments designed to build a strong foundation through an on-demand, cloud based training platform.

Cyber Range Exercises

Prepare for real-world attack simulations to rehearse actions and outcomes across your SOC teams. Our Cyber Range is customised to reflect your live environments, and provides a safe, hyper realistic cloud-based training platform to drive performance improvements.

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Leading the cyber skill development platform market

Practical, hands-on training that helps SOC teams safely immerse themselves in diverse lifelike simulations to develop confidence and proficiency in the face of emerging threats. 

  • Multiple and flexible learning pathways

  • Real-world, reversed-engineered cyber attacks

  • Commercially licensed security tools

  • Enterprise-grade virtual networks

  • Integrated with MITRE ATT&CK

  • Cloud-based and on-demand

  • Customised individual and team training programs

Building Cyber Skills quickly and effectively

There’s a critical skills shortage for individuals with practical cybersecurity expertise – which is essential in today’s complex threat landscape.

Shockingly, studies reveal that a mere 5% of in-house cybersecurity teams boast members equipped with genuine real-world experience in handling complex incidents. Emerging threats change daily, and being well prepared to respond, isolate and minimise damage is critical.


Our cyber range provides comprehensive individual and team training simulations that prepare SOC teams for any attack. Mapped against the MITRE ATT@CK framework, and delivered via a cloud-based, on-demand training system, we help you build a strong cyber security foundation within your SOC.

Build critical skills tailored to your business needs, improve confidence, and decrease response times to drive dramatic improvements in cyber security performance with CyberPathways Cyber Range.


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