Understand your Risk Profile
Understand your Risk Profile

Cyber Risk Audit

A fast, detailed and cost-effective review that will identify which systems are most at risk, and provide a prioritised action plan to improve your security posture

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Imagine understanding your business's cyber health inside out

9 out of 10 businesses are shocked by the data risk they are unknowingly accepting.

It’s not a matter of if, but when cyber criminals will come for your business. Applying basic techniques will no longer protect your business in the face of increasingly sophisticated attacks. 



More than 90% of cyber attacks stem from human error, and 94% of malware attacks starting with an email – all it takes is one person to click on one link.

Be proactive, not reactive. Audit your business or school’s cyber health, understand your data flows, and upskill your whole community to increase safety from cyber attacks. 

CyberPathways delivers best practice tailored preventative training programs addressing your organisation’s vulnerabilities identified via our Cyber Risk Audit. Ensure that your staff, stakeholders, parents or students are your best line of defence against cyber criminals. 

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Find out how CyberPathways can help your organisation human-proof your cyber security

Our Cyber Risk Audit will help you

Discover where sensitive data is stored

Understand how and where your staff and associates store and manage data across your organisation

Assess the handling of data

View detailed internal and external data flows across your organisation; understand how your staff and colleagues use, transfer and share data.

Understand behavioural activity

Gain insights into the human habits and behaviors within your organisation and develop specific training to avoid any potential data breaches

Define compliance requirements

With data insights gained, define your processes and compliance programs and educate and upskill your staff, customers and broader community on cyber best practice

Improvement plan report

The Cyber Risk audit provides you with a report which makes prioritised cyber safety recommendations across training, process and technology to support investment decisions and future roadmap


Independent review

 Our audit program is platform agnostic and delivers a risk mitigation and improvement plan designed to address weaknesses and strengthen security posture


What is a Cyber Risk Audit?

Provides an independent review across your chosen framework (Essential8 or ISO27001)

Detailed report, designed for Board and Management presentations

Resource Light! We won’t tie up your IT teams for days on end!

Tailored training solutions that address key areas of human vulnerability within your organisation

Make your team your best line of defence against Cyber attacks!

Did you know?

Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and severity – be proactive, avoid tougher penalties and reduce your risk with Cyber Risk Audit


Of Australian businesses are expecting 
to be hit by a cyber attack in the coming year


The average cost of a data breach to an Australian business can range from $120K – $1.24M


Studies showing that up to 95% 
of cyber security breaches are
 caused by human error.

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