Upskill your workforce
Upskill your workforce

Cyber Essentials

Transformative Cyber Awareness training for your business – equip your team, build confidence and capability with Cyber Essentials.

Are you ready to shield your business today?

Simple human error should NOT turn into your cyber catastrophe

It CAN happen to you – all it takes is one person to click one link. 

  • Your “managing director” emails requesting urgent support….
  • Your receptionist finds a USB dropped in your business lobby and plugs it in to their computer…
  • An employee uses free public wifi at the airport to send an urgent business email….

No organisation is exempt from human risk.  Small, interrelated events can turn into sophisticated social engineering and phishing scams….and the ripple effect of these mistakes can have tangible consequences for businesses of all sizes.    

Equip your teams with the skills to make safer decisions and enhance your cyber security from the inside out. Turn potential weak spots into pillars of cyber defence, make your workplace cyber fit and prepared with scalable, right-fit training solutions.  

Cyber awareness training matters.

Prevention is more cost-effective than remediation. Regular training is an investment that pays off in reduced risk, limit to reputational damage, and lower cyber insurance premiums.

Empower your team, build resilience and confidence and cultivate a Cyber Safety culture, through training programs designed by expert instructional designers.

Right fit, flexible, localised Cyber Security Training

Cyber Essentials offers scalable cyber security training to help protect and defend your business 

Whole workforce fast upskilling

Whole workforce fast upskilling

Cyber Essentials for Employees is ready to go today!

Bespoke training

Bespoke training

Customise Cyber Essentials content for specific challenges, policies and processes required by your organisation

"Cyber Pathways' online cyber training now forms part of our staff's induction and ongoing training. Having a trained team provides me with much more comfort that we are better protected from cyber attacks..."

Ready to get started?

Find out how CyberPathways can help your organisation human-proof your cyber security

Cyber Essentials Training Topics include:

Zero Trust Mindset

Phishing emails and malicious links

Malware and Ransomware identification

Identifying Cyber Threats

Data flows, security and protection

Cyber Security Incidents

Cyber Hygiene in the Workplace

Roles and Responsibilities

Policies and Procedures

What's included

Cyber Essentials

Tiered cyber awareness training packages that upskill your teams with the skills to combat emerging cyber threats. Off-the-shelf packages are ready for immediate start, or enquire about tailoring a bespoke package to your needs.

Essentials for employees

  • Choice of learning pathways: micro units or extended

  • Emerging threat - regular content updates

  • In-built testing: knoweldge & skills

  • Cultural change

  • 12-month access to content

  • 24/7 Email support


  • Completion dashboards

  • Staff usage reports

  • Custom content for specific cyber challenges faced

  • Select from extensive topic library

  • Company logo embedded into learning platform

  • Company policies & procedures integration

  • Custom video integration

  • (optional) embed into company LMS

  • (optional) integrate with accredited training package

Did you know?

Ensure your staff are your first line of defence against cyber attack


Studies showing that up to 95% 
of cybersecurity breaches are
 caused by human error.


A data breach now costs a company $1.59M on average in lost business


In 2023, there were nearly 94,000 cybercrime reports in Australia, an increase of 23%

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