Simple human error should NOT turn into your cyber catastrophe

Equip your teams with the skills to make safer decisions, enhancing cyber security from the inside out. Turn potential weak spots into pillars of cyber defence, make your workplace cyber fit and prepared with scalable, right-fit training solutions.  

Upskill your team to identify weaknesses and prevent attacks. It CAN happen to you.

  • An emailed request for urgent support from your “managing director”
  • An innocent USB dropped in your business reception
  • An employee using free unprotected public wifi on their work laptop

No organisation is exempt from human risk; small, interrelated events can turn into sophisticated social engineering and phishing scams….and the ripple effect of these mistakes can have tangible consequences for businesses of all sizes.    

Are you ready to secure your business?

Cyber Awareness Training matters. Prevention is more cost-effective than remediation. Regular training is an investment that pays off by reducing the risk of incidents and the associated expenses of recovering from a breach. Cultivate a Cyber Aware culture within your business, by team empowerment, through programs with defined learning outcomes, designed by expert Instructional designers. Build business resilience and grow your team’s confidence in an increasingly challenging threat environment.

Cyber Essentials training will

Mitigate human error

95% of breaches are the result of human error. Targeted, right-fit training for different stakeholder groups empowers your team and sends the cyber criminals elsewhere

Fortify your frontline

equip your team with the knowledge and skills to recognise and thwart cyber threats. Turn your team into vigilant guardians against threats of phishing, ransomware and other malicious activities

Improve your risk profile

Minimise the risk of legal repercussions, business disruption and penalties, reduce your cyber insurance premiums and ensure your reporting and compliance obligations are met, year-round

Protect from emerging threats

New attacks are constantly emerging. Cyber Essentials content is constantly updated to reflect new tactics and vulnerabilities. Stay ahead of emerging threats with regular micro-learning scaled to your industry


Cyber Essentials offers a scalable solution to fit your specific business requirements

Need one-off fast upskilling for your whole workforce?

Looking for ongoing training to maintain ISO27001 certification and minimise your insurance premiums? Cyber Essentials for Employees is ready to go today!

Is your industry a particular target for cyber criminals?

Do you need extra levels of defence for industry-specific challenges or hold large volumes of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)? Essentials for Industry offers tailored learning pathways addressing Cyber Security challenges and threats.

Looking for bespoke training to embed in your LMS?

Bespoke Essentials provides customised one-off or ongoing programs that embed specific policies and procedures into embedded learning outcomes

Cyber Essentials Training Topics include

  • Password strength and protection
  • Phishing emails and malicious links
  • Malware and Ransomware identification
  • Keeping your devices safe
  • Data flows and protection
  • Cyber Security Incidents

Cyber Essentials Tiered Training Options

Essentials for EmployeesEssentials for Industry VerticalsBespoke Essentials
Standard content modules covering core Cyber Security curriculumSpecialised content customised to challenges faced in specific industriesCustom training module content developed and deployed within your LMS
Learning Pathways: Micro-lessons or extended delivery
New content released for emerging threat
Built-in testing: knowledge and skills
Cyber Security cultural change
12-months access to course content
Completion Dashboards and Reporting
Industry sector specific content (Healthcare/NDIS, Finance, Trades, Manufacturing)
Identified industry-specific threat mitigtaion
Bespoke course content for specific Company challenges
Custom introductory videos from company senior leadership
Integration of company brand into learning platform
Integration of company policies and procedures into learning outcomes
Integrated into company LMS (Optional)

Would your employees take the bait?

Optional additional testing simulations are available as part of your Cyber Essentials training package. Design a custom testing program to ensure your training is changing behaviours and improving your business’s Cyber Culture.