Fit-for-purpose Monitoring and Security Operations Centre

Custom design a Monitoring and Security Operations Centre (MASOC) to upskill and ready your IT teams against emerging cyber threats. CyberPathways’ scalable model helps businesses fit their training objectives and budgets with required training capacity, specialised skill-development, emerging threat identification, data monitoring services, and alert notifications. 

It’s not a matter of if, but when your business will experience a cyber attack. Preparation is everything.

MASOC facilities will provide

Our comprehensive courses
are meticulously crafted to
help you with:

  • Access to immersive cyber security training environments
  • Technical upskilling for all SOC levels mapped against MITRE Attack Framework
  • Team training and live-fire simulations
  • Custom-branded Alert systems
  • Custom-branded Alert systems

While protecting your business against the devastating consequences of cyber crime:

  • Personal Information Breaches
  • Damage to reputation & trust
  • Failure to provide online safety
  • Disruption of business operations
  • Financial loss

Tiered, Scalable MASOC solutions

Option 1: Base ($60,000)Option 2: Intermediate ($120,000)Option 3: Premium ($250,000)
# of seats4820
Monitor SoftwareYESYES
Alert SoftwareYESYES
Cyber Range2 licences4 licences10 licences

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