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To mitigate the threat of financial impact, reputational damage and regulatory penalties, organisations are increasingly turning to cyber insurance as part of their cyber readiness and business continuity planning. 

However, qualifying for and benefiting from cyber insurance often requires the organisation demonstrates robust cybersecurity practices, including comprehensive security awareness training (SAT). This is where CyberPathways’ Cyber Essentials training packages come into play.

How does Cyber Essentials improve cyber insurance readiness?

Educating your team on essential behaviours and common risks associated with cyber threats, given the increasing reliance on digital systems and your Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). Training is a critical measure of your organisation’s ability to protect assets, comply with regulations, improve cyber insurance controls and maintain customer trust. 

By integrating Cyber Essentials training into your organisation’s security protocols, you not only reduce the likelihood of successful cyber-attacks but also position your company favorably for better cyber insurance premiums and policy readiness.

Standalone Cyber Insurance Coverage - Losses and Costs covered

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This blog post will explore the key benefits of security awareness training, particularly in the context of minimising cyber attack risks and enhancing your eligibility and terms for cyber insurance. These benefits include:

  • Reducing human error

  • Improving cyber insurance eligibility

  • Lowering insurance premiums

  • Building a robust security culture

  • Meeting compliance and regulatory requirements

  • Improved incident response and recovery

Benefits of Cyber Awareness training for minimising cyber attack risks

  1. Reducing Human Error and Strengthening Defences:

    Human error remains one of the leading causes of cybersecurity breaches. Employees might unknowingly click on phishing links, download malicious attachments, or mishandle sensitive data. Cyber Essentials training equips your team with the knowledge to identify and avoid these threats, significantly reducing the risk of successful cyber-attacks. This training covers a wide range of scenarios, from spotting phishing emails to understanding the importance of strong password hygiene and proper data handling practices.

  2. Enhancing Cyber Insurance Eligibility: 
    Cyber insurers are increasingly requiring proof of security awareness training as a prerequisite for coverage. By implementing a comprehensive, recurring training program, your organisation can clearly demonstrate a proactive approach to cyber security. This not only helps in qualifying for cyber insurance but also shows insurers that you are serious about mitigating risks, making your organisation a more attractive candidate for coverage. For instance, insurers will often refer to certifications, such as the Australian Government’s Essential8 or ISO27001 frameworks which identify strong risk management, documented control systems and security culture as critical factors in underwriting decisions
  3. Lowering Insurance Premiums
    Insurance providers evaluate the level of risk an organisation presents when determining premiums. Effective security awareness training, such as that offered by CyberPathways, reduces the likelihood of successful cyber attacks. This, in turn, lowers the perceived risk for insurers, which can lead to reduced premiums. Organisations that invest in training their employees on cyber security best practices are often rewarded with better rates and terms on their insurance policies. A recent whitepaper published by the Insurance Council of Australia confirms that strong awareness training programs reduce the risk of socially engineered cyber attacks by roughly 70%.
  4. Building a Robust Security Culture

    A strong security culture within an organisation is critical for long-term cybersecurity resilience. CyberPathways’ training programs reinforce the establishment of security cultural norms within your organisation. This ensures every employee understands their role in protecting the organisation’s data and digital access points. Regular training and updates ensure that security practices remain top of mind, fostering an environment where vigilance against cyber threats is a shared responsibility.

  5. Meeting Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
    While the Cyber Security compliance and regulatory environment in Australia is maturing, there are numerous frameworks and standards which are able to be embedded within Cyber Security training packages.  Compliance with standards such as Essential8, ISO 27001 or the NIST Cybersecurity Framework provides appropriate identification of risk and the appropriate controls for your organisation. not only protects your organisation but also reassures insurers and clients of your commitment to cyber security. Cyber Insurers recognise the commitment to safe cyber security practises demonstrated by these frameworks.
  6. Improved Incident Response and Recovery

    In the event of a cyber-attack, the ability to respond swiftly and effectively is crucial. Employees trained through CyberPathways’ programs are better prepared to recognise and react to security incidents, minimising damage and aiding faster recovery. This preparedness can also influence insurance terms, as insurers prefer to cover organisations with strong incident response capabilities.

"CyberPathways' online cyber training now forms part of our staff's induction and ongoing training. Having a trained team provides me with much more comfort that we are better protected from cyber attacks..."

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For many organisations, having a strong cyber insurance plan is critical in retaining credibility, restoring finances, and continuing operations after a cyber-attack.

However, cyber insurance is not a standalone solution. It must be complemented by robust cybersecurity practices, with security awareness training playing a pivotal role.


CyberPathways’ Cyber Essentials training packages provide an effective way to educate your employees, reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, and improve your chances of obtaining favourable cyber insurance terms. By investing in these training programs, you not only protect your organisation but also position it for long-term success in an increasingly digital world.

How CyberPathways can help?

Human-proof your Cyber Security, and build your business resilience and confidence. Read more about Cyber Essentials here, or talk to one of our experts about tailoring a training package to address your cyber vulnerabilities. 

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