Case Study: SiteSee – Achieving ISO 27001 Certification for SiteSee through collaborative excellence

Client Overview:


SiteSee is a dynamic and rapidly growing technology company specialising in remote asset inspection and management solutions. Their innovative platform enables businesses to efficiently monitor and manage their assets, ranging from telecommunication towers to industrial facilities. In an era where data security is paramount, SiteSee recognised the importance of achieving ISO 27001 certification to demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring the trust of their clients.


The Challenge:


SiteSee embarked on a journey to attain ISO 27001 certification, recognising the increasing significance of data security in their industry. Achieving this certification required a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, information management, and process optimisation. The challenge was not just about meeting the stringent requirements of ISO 27001 but also ensuring that these measures seamlessly integrated into SiteSee’s day-to-day operations.


The Solution:


Recognising the need for cybersecurity expertise to support them in their complex requirements, SiteSee partnered with Cyber Pathways as a consultant, to guide them through the complex process of achieving ISO 27001 certification. 


The Collaboration:


The collaboration between SiteSee and Cyber Pathways was a pivotal element in the success of this project. Here’s how the partnership played a crucial role:


Comprehensive Expertise: Cyber Pathways brought their extensive cybersecurity knowledge to the table, ensuring that SiteSee’s systems were fortified against potential threats. They provided Information Management System expertise to assist SiteSee in achieving secure information flow and providing evidence of these secure procedures.


Customised Solutions: Cyber Pathways leveraged its expertise to tailor the ISO 27001 compliance strategy specifically to SiteSee’s operations. This involved identifying and addressing the unique challenges and needs of the client whilst putting in place solutions to improve information management within the business.


Seamless Integration: The two firms worked closely together to ensure that the cybersecurity measures seamlessly integrated into SiteSee’s existing systems and practices. This avoided disruption to their daily operations and minimised resistance to change among employees.


Partnering into the future: The collaboration didn’t end with certification. 


The Outcome:


With Cyber Pathways support, SiteSee successfully achieved its ISO 27001 certification. This partnership ensured that a proactive approach and ongoing commitment to CyberSecurity is embedded in SiteSee’s organisation into the future. The audit and accreditation outcomes identified process, security and ongoing training enhancements to SiteSee’s existing operations, including:


Client Trust: ISO 27001 certification became a powerful marketing tool, instilling confidence in SiteSee’s clients and prospects.


Enhanced Security: SiteSee’s cybersecurity defenses were significantly bolstered, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.


Improved Efficiency: Streamlined processes and optimised information management led to increased operational efficiency within SiteSee.


Partnering in the future: By utilising the Cyber Pathways risk audit tool, SiteSee were able to identify vulnerabilities within their systems and the requirements for ongoing training that we’ll continue to partner with SiteSee to deliver. The training requirements include Cyber Essentials training to educate and raise awareness to staff of the potential cyber risks and access to a range of accredited courses for staff to upskill and gain formal qualifications.


As we celebrate this achievement, SiteSee is now better prepared to adapt to evolving cybersecurity threats and industry standards.


For more information about how Cyber Pathways can assist your organisation with ISO 27001 certification, reach out to Brendan Newell [email protected]

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