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More than 90% of successful cyber attacks stem from human error and with cyber crime becoming exponentially more frequent AND sophisticated it is only a matter of time before you are targeted. The consequences to organisations and individuals alike are devastating.


Be proactive, not reactive.

Our Cyber Essentials courses for individuals and businesses provide practical tools to ensure you know how to defend yourself in the event of an attack. Address your human vulnerability, and minimise your risk with Cyber Pathways education and training.

Cyber Security Protection Framework

Use our framework to understand how to segment your cyber security operations and training requirements

 01: Executive Leadership Team 

Drive cyber security strategy, investment and culture. School leadership team addresses vulnerabilities; defines priority areas of focus, risk mitigation, and sets tone for cultural norms

02: All Users

Foster security awareness, vigilance and adoption of cultural norms. Leaders deliver training, promote concepts, best practice, demonstrating online safety choices. Students/families embed behaviours learned during training

03: Daily Operations

Protect critical assets, infrastructure, data and applications. Address inherent vulnerabilities leading to outages through ongoing training

04: Digital Workplace

Manage access to digital workplace; systems access process establishment and implementation. Onboarding/Offboarding processes, network connections across business partners, vendors, user accounts

05: Business Foundations

Establish protection and business continuity for critical information. Visibility of data flows, backup procedures, data stores and risk management for system entry points

06: Business Response & Continuity

Manage reputation, breach impact, limit damage, restore normal operations. Develop, test, train and refine incident response procedures and disaster recovery plan via simulations, training and documentation

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Why cyber security training should be your top priority


Studies showing that up to 95%

of cybersecurity breaches are

caused by human error.


Of Australian businesses are expecting

to be hit by a cyber attack in the

coming year


In 2021, personal data was involved

in a staggering 45% of cyber

security breaches


In 2021-2022 Australians lost 

over $300M to the impact of



The Avg. cost of a data breach to an 

Australian business can range from 

$120K – $1.24M

286 Days

The average lifecycle of a breach

is 286 days from identification to 


Cybercrime is a growing problem that affects businesses and individuals alike. Cyber security education is vital for equipping them with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves from cyber threats and mitigate the negative impact of cybercrime.”

— Rachel Noble, Director-General of the Australian Signals Directorate

Our solutions

Cyber Pathways offers a range of standardised and customised courses to suit you budget, requirements and risk profile, including:

CyberRisk Audit

Identify weaknesses in your school or business security posture, and develop customised training plans to strengthen your Cyber Security defenses.
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Cyber Essentials

A Self-paced, online cyber security short course designed to raise your cyber awareness, provide a strong understanding of prevalent cyber threats and easy-to-implement best practices.
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Accredited courses

Develop your technical skills to identify and protect organisations against cyber security threats and launch your cyber in cyber security. This qualification is a pathway to entering the job market.
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Cyberbit Range

The market leading, cloud-based Cyber Range training platform designed to equip students with the ability to the handle cyber threats that face all contemporary businesses.
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The benefits
of Cyber Pathways

Leading, best-practice content

You learn how to protect yourself using

top-quality content written by leading 

cyber-security experts

On-demand platforms

You have unlimited access and can 

study at your own pace, at a time 

convenient for you

Customisable delivery

Organisations and institutions can add 

in context specific content, processes/

policies, video messages, etc

Adaptive learning platform

You can use diagnostic assessment to

identify and fill gaps in learning, keeping 

you more secure

Live threat simulations

You enhance your cyber defence skills 

in our live-fire cyber range environment


Make sure your IMS is aligned with and
compliant to ISO 27001, essential 8 and 

critical infrastructure legislation.

Key partnerships

Some of the key brands whose cyber security we are helping to protect

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